Lombard plantation, NEW ORLEANS

The property once associated with the Lombard House, the last remaining Mississippi River facing plantation house in Orleans Parish was sold off decades ago. All of the accessory buildings shown in the Notarial Drawings dating to the mid-19th century have long been demolished. As land was sold off the dense urban fabric of the Bywater neighborhood all but obscured the property. The current Owner of the Lombard Plantation House reassembled a small portion of the property associated with the yard of the original plantation over a period of several decades. The Kitchen Building is intended to recreate some sense of the context of the historic plantation house and its dependencies. The design of the Kitchen Building addition to the property was based on the Notarial Archive images, and archaeological excavations to determine the original size and position of this outbuilding. Details from the Plantation House and a good knowledge of early 19th century detailing were used to construct the building as a “restored” element in the plantation site. The Kitchen Building is a freestanding residence for use by the Owner or caretaker of the property. A garage and work area were also constructed on the site in the footprint of the original stables.